1. What type of chocolate is used?

High quality Belgian Callebaut chocolate with the choice of milk, semi-sweet, or white.

2. What is provided with the rental?

The rental of the machine comes with 2 attendants, up to 20 lbs of chocolate, setup, 3 hours of dipping time, and cleanup.

3. What does the renter provide?

The renter provides the food for dipping, plates, napkins, and skewers.

4. How many people does the fountain serve?

20 pounds of chocolate will serve approximately 300 people for 3 hours of dipping.

5. Where is the fountain used?

The fountain may be used at any indoor location as long as it is out of air currents. It cannot be used on porches, balconies, or any other outdoor location.

6. What is the fountain made of? How does it work?

The fountain is made of stainless steel. The chocolate is kept warm in the base and an auger brings the liquid chocolate to the top. It then cascades down over the sides in a constant flow of chocolate.

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